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Still General Store

Still General Store

I almost kept driving on when I passed this store in rural South Carolina back in 2012. I was in a hurry to get home after a long day and from the first glance it was not overly impressive..

However, something caught my attention, so I turned around and came back for a closer look.

B. Still

Walking closer after taking a few wide angle images, I noticed the wasp nest hanging under the island's canopy. Luckily, it appeared that no one was home and I quickly made a few shots of it from different angles.

The store was being covered slowly by Ivy on the front, and the roof was peeling off the top. The windows were gone, but the paint was peeling revealing the brickwork underneath. In short, it had seen much better days.

I'm sure Mr. Still's store was once the gathering place for the surrounding community back before more of the traffic started using Interstate 77 just a few miles to the East.

Farmers probably dropped in to find out what was going on and motorists stopped at the island to fill up on gasoline and maybe check their tires with free air. Probably for years, an attendant did all of that for you before the invention of self-service.

I wonder if the next time I'm up that way if the store will still be there, or if it will have been finally torn down and the lot leveled like so many others. If it is, I'm glad I took the time to photograph B. Still.